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iNTouch Customer Experience Management

iNTouch Success Center

A Customer Experience Management Solution




Prepared by:   iNTouch Consulting, LLC


Executive Summary


Customer feedback is one of the most useful tools available providing immediate and continuous returns on investment by helping you monitor and improve the customer experience at all levels.


Success Center is an operational management tool provided by iNTouch Consulting that allows you to capture, measure, and disseminate your customer’s experience in a just-in-time manner. This instant feedback creates an actionable business process for all levels of your enterprise from contact center associates to executive management.


We deliver a tool to gather feedback from customers in a very cost effective, easy to use way.


How It Works:


Success Center goes far beyond traditional solutions to capture and report customer experiences more effectively on a daily basis, by location - even down to the associate level. Shortly after their service experience, customers respond to a brief survey using their touch-tone telephone. Voice comments can also be recorded and played back on a web browser. Reports are updated immediately for client management. Front-line associates are empowered and positively motivated by the continual feedback — now they know what works from the customer perspective.


Improve Business Results


Success Center has been proven to improve business results in any or all of the following areas:


1. Customer Loyalty

2. Customer Retention

3. Transaction Frequency

4. Increased per ticket revenues


Success Center Is Simple To Execute


Rollout is very simple. After we consult with you and build a set of questions, you print the offer message on point of sale receipts, labels and/or coupons. After a survey is completed, the offer is validated and a redemption code given to the customer. The receipt or coupon becomes a “Bounce-Back” offer (if any). Success Center does all the rest. The daily customer experience is captured and disseminated immediately throughout your organization.


Your iNTouch Success Center provides:


  • Speed – Just-in-time feedback can result in immediate action
  • Volume--Glean feedback from 100’s of customers.
  • Flexibility--Surveys and reports are easily modified to meet changing needs.
  • Adaptability – Methodology allows for triage and drill down when a specific issue is raised to get further clarity on the situation
  • Customizable--A solution designed specifically for you.
  • Real customers, real time--Let your front-line associates hear actual customers’ feelings with instant reply anywhere anytime.
  • Cost Effectiveness--A price point that is difficult to match and a powerful ROI
  • Simplicity--There is nothing to install and no software to implement.
  • Plus …
    • Dynamic surveys (with “drill down” follow-up questions)

o       Immediate customer service recovery (‘alerts’ sent to managers for out-of-range responses)

    • Employee monitoring (survey results clear down to the employee level).
    • Positive employee motivational environment (improve, compare to benchmarks and goals)
    • Superior technology that adapts quickly and easily to your environment without the cost of custom programming.
    • Instant reports and charts with no data reorganization
    • Reports with set goals to determine associate performance and feedback



We recommend conducting a continuous customer survey including approximately.  iNTouch will work with you to prepare the survey, create your own, branded Success Center landing page, determine an incentive (if any) – and, during the first 30 days after rollout, make any necessary  adjustments the survey and incentive to regulate volume.


Survey Design

The questionnaire will capture key information from each respondent through a 2-3 minute telephone survey.  The survey contains approximately 15 questions and can gather information in the following 4 areas:

  • Marketing (Demographics)
  • Brand (Value)
  • Satisfaction (Service Rating)
  • Operations (Performance)


Results Reporting

Reports included in the Monthly Service Fee:


  • Web access to real-time reports
  • Setting up of standard reporting package
  • Emailed reports sent to users and user groups as needed
  • Hierarchal reports rolled up from aggregate data (District, Region, Business type etc.)
  • Group Reports (Customer roll-up and calculated by reporting)
  • Trend Analysis – graphically displays and correlates meaningful trends with goals overlay


Summary of Features Included in Your Package

  • Survey design and development
  • Usernames and passwords, and security settings for each location
  • Report creation
  • Collecting of surveys via the telephone
  • Web access to real-time reports
  • Emailed reports sent to users and user groups as needed
  • Hierarchal reports rolled up from aggregate data (District, Region, etc.)
  • All future updates to the system are included free with monthly fee
  • Trend Analysis – graphically displays and correlates meaningful trends with goals overlay
  • Training – iNTouch will provide “train-the-trainer” training for appropriate personnel.