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Randy Field BSc Eng

Randy Field has spent the last 25 years helping companies grow through automation from the factory floor to information systems to business processes – he started his private business consulting practice in 1992. Randy joined iNTouch Consulting (Overland Park, KS) as an independent consultant in 2002. He is a 25 year, international business veteran. Clients include a wide range of enterprises from VC-backed start-ups to Sprint and IBM.


Using the mantra – Measure, Serve, Grow – Randy follows the teachings of Drucker and Deming, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”


The last 10 years have been primarily focused on business automation and capturing the customer experience.


Business automation is achieved by identifying the 3 to 5 key success drivers, measuring these drivers at their operational level – and, summarizing results in a dashboard. Automobiles require a real-time, automated dashboard – businesses require the same to optimize operation. The process cuts across all industries and organizations (large or small).


Capturing the Customer Experience has 4 components – customer feedback on: brand, marketing, operations – and, satisfaction/loyalty.


Other recent project highlights include:


·         As an interim Marketing VP, led an $800,000 best practice initiative that was used to grow a wireless data company from 6 operating metros to 22, developed 6 new products, managed a $3.2 million marketing budget and investor relations – and, prepared a market study that was used to support a successful $105 million,144A bond offering.

·         As a NAFTA-licensed Management Consultant, developed a 4th generation telematics service and merged two Canadian service providers.

·         Managed a Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) traffic management project. The initiative created over $1,000,000 in cash flow the first 9 months.


Randy’s career started in engineering, automation – and, sales. Randy is cross-trained in product development, business development, sales, marketing – and, business administration. This cross-training enables Randy to translate the needs of discrete efforts into the language recognized by each major department or business function. Today, he specializes in technology assessment, process optimization – and, Interim Executive Management.  Randy participated in the 1991 Collier Trophy (aviations highest honor) as part of the Northrop Corporation Industry Team for his assistance in making the B2 stealth bomber mission-ready. He is a published author and recipient of multiple product awards.  Randy received a B.S. Civil Engineering degree from Arizona State University. Recent continuing education includes product management through the University of Wisconsin - Madison and business finance through Wharton.