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We at iNTouch are committed to delivering fresh, valuable insight to today's challenging, competitive business environment.  We continue to be your business energy resource and look forward to continuing our relationships.

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Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI 1 & 2)

 The LSI helps individuals to strengthen thinking and behavioral styles that promote their effectiveness and moderate styles that prevent them from realizing their potential. The LSI provides invaluable and otherwise unavailable information that can motivate, guide and track the progress of self-development initiatives.

Most Frequently Used For

  • Promoting self-understanding and guiding self-development
  • Improving capabilities as a team member or individual contributor
  • Providing feedback for stress management programs
  • Strengthening organizations by enhancing individual effectiveness


Associated Outcomes: Research shows that the LSI styles are related to various indicators of individual effectiveness including quality of interpersonal relations, openness to feedback, stress, salary, and organizational  level.