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Welcome to iNTouch Consulting's Website

We at iNTouch are committed to delivering fresh, valuable insight to today's challenging, competitive business environment.  We continue to be your business energy resource and look forward to continuing our relationships.

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iNTouch Consulting continues to grow adding new associates and training center.

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360 Degree Assessment and Strategy



The i8 Performance Program

Business planning that drives your business daily...

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Unleash the potential in everyone to become a high level contributor to the success of the organization.

By employing the i-8 Performance Program you will unleash your organization and your people in an astounding way.

The 8 categories of assessment are:

  • Leadership
  • Marketing and Customer Focus
  • People Management
  • Process Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Information Analysis
  • Technology
  • Business Results


iNTouch can enhance strategic programs and drive more value in the organization that will translate to a more robust business with greater profitability


Program Steps:


  1. Complete the iNTouch i8 Performance Program outlined above
  2. Determine critical business drivers
  3. Quantify performance gaps
  4. Develop actionable dashboards
  5. Create implementation schedule
  6. Determine ROI
  7. Monitor continuous improvement